A funny thing happened to me on the way to Helvetica…

love helvetica
Originally uploaded by siumeister

I saw a quirky, nerdy little art film called Helvetica last weekend. It was a day or two before New Year’s and it was painfully warm and sunny in San Francisco. (I grew up in Colorado where December blue sky days weren’t uncommon, but at least you had piles of snow and freezing temperatures to temper the cornea-burning lack of clouds.) I was bored and craving darkness so I walked to the Mission and bought a matinee ticket for one at the Roxie. The film was too long and discursive at times and I had to tell my friends that I spent the day watching a documentary… by myself… about a typeface… but perfectly fit my mood for geeking out to the history of modern design. It’s worth seeing just for the abundant awesomeness of German-American accents.


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