Lazy, almost-artsy Saturday.

Originally uploaded by Klara Kim

I picked up some kind of nasty illness last week and felt like such shite I had to cancel my weekend trip to LA to see the sis (boo!), but I did make it out of my sweatpants long enough for a quick trip to SFMoMA (yay!). We made it just in time for the last couple days of the Jeff Wall exhibit who’s become a new fave in the last year or so. This show was somehow less commanding than the one at New York MoMA, though—his luminous, larger-than-life pieces leapt off the white walls in New York but felt caged and muted in San Fran. Most of his works are back-lit and digitally composed to affect this amazing cinematic quality—you’ll pore over every surreal detail of a photo until you realize your eyes are dried out and you haven’t blinked in minutes. We also saw the Olafur Eliasson exhibit which was super cool, though I admit we didn’t give it the time and thought it deserved since once I hauled myself up to the 5th floor (those endless stairs!) I felt like I was going to pass out. I did muster up the energy to pick up the new Banksy book from the gift shop on the way out, though, and it was only $22! Score! I’ve always loved his subversive, political, or just plain beautiful street art but had no idea he could also hack it as a more traditional painter– he really has incredible range. The book reads like a comic, lots of pictures and just enough words to tie them together. Perfect for a lazy, rainy Saturday stoned out on cold meds.


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