San Francisco barbershop found!

Sort of. Maybe.

It was haircut time for the boyf again, and as I gushed about in a post a few weeks ago, we’re really into this barbershop revival thing we’re starting to see everywhere. There was Rudy’s in Portland and Freeman’s in New York… but what about San Fran? As the wonders of strange timing would have it, I got an email from the co-founder of my company (who also lives in London… I’m telling you, super random) tipping me off to the new Mr. the Barbershop at approximately the same moment Ben was starting to spaz out a little about his fro and the fact that he was leaving for Italy on a business trip the next day. (You might think he would have seen that one coming, but “planning” is sort of a foreign concept to him.) “Wait a minute! I think I might have found something!” I called from the kitchen. “Oh… actually I think this place is a bar….No wait, a barbershop!…But it looks like a bar… Maybe it’s a bar/barbershop…?” It took some digging (the website is a bit slow to reveal what they actually do) but here’s the deal: you pay a monthly membership fee which includes, at the lowest level, a cut, a drink and a 2nd touch-up trim or shave. The highest level (“Mogul”) includes all the above, some other stuff, and “unfettered access” to MR, their lounge/club space. I guess they sponsor events and have a bar that’s open all the time? Some of the time? Not sure. I wouldn’t actually call it a barbershop at these prices but it’s an interesting new concept in man grooming/fraternal bonding.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get over there to test it out – this was the day I was feeling craptastic and Ben kindly obliged to take me to MOMA instead – but maybe we’ll go next weekend. Watch this space.


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