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Favorite Things Friday.


1. Spork, on Valencia and 22nd. Namely the roasted brussels sprouts and calamari appetizer, the friendly, respectful staff and these tiny cookie sandwiches that came with the bill. A nice little Hamburgler nod to their previous life as a KFC.

2. Cat Power, The Greatest. I’ve been listening to it nearly non-stop this week for some reason.

3. Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc.


4. These fun little memory sticks.

5. Cajun Boy in the City’s conversations with God and Dealbreaker diary entries as fake Goldman trader “Thad.” Reaffirms my decision to twice date San Franciscans while living in New York and my belief that the Caribou Club is the 3rd rung of hell.



6. This German park in the shape of a giant human ear, courtesy of Metropolis.


7. The Elements of Style illustrated by Maira Kalman. Flipping through it helps me drown out the noise of a rough day at the office. Or in life.


8. These building blocks that help Chinese children learn questionable English.

9. The awesomely aloof, emotionally detached Jillian from Project Runway. She’s gonna take it all, I don’t care what Project Rungay says.


10. Origami on steroids and Amy Tan at the TED conference. Pretty much all the write-ups from TED. If anyone has $6k and wants to sponsor my attendance next year, holla back.


I hope I never need one of these.


Apparently these things are selling like hot cakes. One more thing in this great big universe I do not understand.

Typography and politicians this time.

Logo Voting
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I heard a semi-interesting On the Media piece on presidential campaign logos while walking to work the other morning. Nothing too new here, I just love some of the language type designer Sam Berlow uses to describe the fonts used in the campaigns:

On Bush/Quayle: Quayle is the very, very thin, spindly serif typeface and the Bush is a very strong sans serif and it’s set really big.

On Bush/Cheney: It just had that incredible NASCAR feel with the slanted sans serif saying, “We’re going really fast. Hang on.”

On Hillary: It’s serif. It’s sort of highwaisted, as if the lower case, the pants had been pulled up too high. It feels sort of like a bad Talbots suit. Doesn’t quite fit right … It looks like the lower-case R has sort of been punched in the nose and the lower case has been jacked up a little bit to make it feel a little bit bigger and stronger.

On Obama: They made big, beautiful posters that would say, South Carolina loves Obama, headlines set in a very classy sans serif font called Gotham. It’s very clean. It doesn’t have any lumps or big balls at the end of the characters. It sort of ends very crisply, like a manicured set of nails – very metrosexual. [If it were a suit it would be an] Armani.

On Mike Huckabee: The six stars … sort of floating down like snowflakes … and the swash that reminds me of Coca-Cola. And then there’s this yellow element in the type. The only yellow that I could find in the past was Nixon/Lodge and Goldwater, which puts him in interesting company … And then the type itself is squished together very tightly and artificially bolded as if they had so much they had to get on the page, like family and faith and freedom, as if the other candidates don’t believe in those three things.


On McCain: The star with the yellow bars clearly says he’s a general, he’s in charge … It’s a down-the-middle-of-the-aisle serif. It has elements of a sans serif but the ends of the strokes flare out a little bit … It’s a typeface that can talk to Feingold and can talk to Bob Dole at the same time.

Garfield Minus Garfield.

This is amazing.


From the Garfield Minus Garfield Tumblr blog:

“Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor [sic] disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?

Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against lonliness [sic] and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb.”
A few of my other favorites:
Tragically hilarious and strangely relatable indeed. Thanks Tiff!

Hero worship: Ira Glass & David Rakoff.


We saw Ira Glass and David Rakoff at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley on Saturday and it was SO COOL!! This American Life is one of our favorite NPR programs even though I have the annoying tendency of passing out within the first 5 minutes when we put it on at night (Ira’s voice is just so soothing! It’s like a lullaby for grown-ups. I can’t help myself). Before settling in with the moderator, they did this intro bit with Ira on the turntables mixing music into a hilarious piece on David’s childhood that he read from the other side of the stage. They don’t actually create the show that way anymore, what with modern studio technologies, a staff of a dozen or more and millions of listeners to please, but it was so cool to see the piece performed live, the way you hear it on the radio. David was hysterical, squirmingly uncomfortable in the spotlight and wielding his wit like a whip and Ira might have just bumped Gael Garcia Bernal off my list of 5 Exceptions (Adrian Grenier stays). Oh, and This American Life is the most downloaded podcast in the country. Did you know that? I didn’t either.

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay…


Lindsay Lohan’s eagerly-anticipated New York pictorial finally made its way to my California mailbox (just as the boyfriend crosses coasts where it will have, to his great disappointment, already left newsstands… sorry, love) and my goodness, it is truly shocking. Number one, I’ve never seen a nipple in the pages of New York, and now here are 5, and they’re Lindsay Lohan’s (with many more to be found online). Number two, if you’re not going to allow the poor girl access to undereye concealer, could you at least have offered her a little Photoshopping? She looks weathered, worn out and way older than her 21 years. And maybe that was the point given Marilyn’s sad state in the original shoot, but still. Number three — and most appalling — the photos are crap! Is this seriously the best “famed Marilyn photographer” Bert Stern could do?? I don’t believe it.

lindsay_lohan_naked_new_york_4.jpg lindsay_lohan_naked_new_york_5.jpg

Gucci hearts NY. Good for Gucci.


To announce the opening of their new recession-be-damned 46,000 square foot 5th Avenue flagship, Gucci unveiled a line of products using the iconic (and copyrighted) I [Heart] NY logo including, yes, paper coffee cups to be given out by street vendors. Sigh…. I first saw this campaign over the weekend (on the back of a New Yorker no less, where it just looked so… wrong).


Really Gucci, really? I heart NY too but this makes my eyes bleed. From what I can gather, proceeds from all (big dubious eyebrow raise on “all”) products go to Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy, which is great, but still doesn’t excuse the awfulness of this collection.