Favorite Things Friday.

Churro & Chocolate
Originally uploaded by Steve Kay

Things I love right now…

1. “Idiot Boyfriend” by Jimmy Fallon. Recently rediscovered and every bit as hilarious.

2. This Utah viewing platform designed to curb (quite literally) speeding and drivers falling asleep at the wheel on a particularly dangerous straight stretch of I-80. (Thanks, Metropolis.) viewing-platform.jpg

3. Paste magazine. Who doesn’t love free music every month?

4. Spaghetti with red sauce, cinnamon and cheddar cheese. I guess it’s a midwestern thing. It’s my new comfort food.

5. Esthetician extraordinaire Nicole Burke. She’s the cool, hot, NorCal earth mama you pray your boyfriend never meets.

6. Losing 2 hours of my life to CostCo makes me want to guzzle a family-sized jug of Clorox but god DAMN, those dollar churros are good.

7. Double-features at the Parkway Theater in Oakland.

8. 11am weekend Vinyasa classes at the Valencia St. Yoga Flow with yogi/drag queen Jehfree Spirit. Pretty much anyone named Jehfree Spirit is alright in my book.

9. My fantasy (as in: something I coveted but would never in a million years own) watch the men’s Hermes Cape Cod, given to me for my birthday by my partner-in-crime. I still can’t believe I own something so beautiful.

10. The barrage of emails I’ve received in the last week about my 10-year high school reunion…. JUST KIDDING! What is the deal!? Make it stop!


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