Lee-ving, on a jet plane…


Originally uploaded by Almighty_Photography

Off to NYC tomorrow for 10 days. Feeling a bit melancholy and bittersweet about this trip. Nothing like gray, dreary New York in February to snap me right out of that! Trying to get excited about all the fun things I have planned: dinner at our dear friends Jacob & Hunter’s place in Brooklyn tomorrow, dinner and drinks with older (and just as dear) high school pals Jonah and Jeff and their ladyfriends on Saturday at a place 2 blocks from my old apartment in the East Village, a hot and sweaty Jivamukti yoga class, date night for one at Sunshine, finally seeing what the New Museum’s all about….

It will be good. It will be good.

Ciao for now, back on Monday.


2 responses to “Lee-ving, on a jet plane…

  1. hi kelly!

    just visited the new museum last friday…did not dig it for the most part. why is contemporary social commentary art all about pornographic imagery? i guess i just don’t get contemporary art.

  2. Oh really? I was going to go tonight but turns out they’re closed. At least if I don’t make it there this trip I shouldn’t be too bummed…

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