Oh Lindsay, Lindsay…


Lindsay Lohan’s eagerly-anticipated New York pictorial finally made its way to my California mailbox (just as the boyfriend crosses coasts where it will have, to his great disappointment, already left newsstands… sorry, love) and my goodness, it is truly shocking. Number one, I’ve never seen a nipple in the pages of New York, and now here are 5, and they’re Lindsay Lohan’s (with many more to be found online). Number two, if you’re not going to allow the poor girl access to undereye concealer, could you at least have offered her a little Photoshopping? She looks weathered, worn out and way older than her 21 years. And maybe that was the point given Marilyn’s sad state in the original shoot, but still. Number three — and most appalling — the photos are crap! Is this seriously the best “famed Marilyn photographer” Bert Stern could do?? I don’t believe it.

lindsay_lohan_naked_new_york_4.jpg lindsay_lohan_naked_new_york_5.jpg


One response to “Oh Lindsay, Lindsay…

  1. She doesn’t hold a candle to the late great Monrow.

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