Favorite Things Friday.


1. Spork, on Valencia and 22nd. Namely the roasted brussels sprouts and calamari appetizer, the friendly, respectful staff and these tiny cookie sandwiches that came with the bill. A nice little Hamburgler nod to their previous life as a KFC.

2. Cat Power, The Greatest. I’ve been listening to it nearly non-stop this week for some reason.

3. Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc.


4. These fun little memory sticks.

5. Cajun Boy in the City’s conversations with God and Dealbreaker diary entries as fake Goldman trader “Thad.” Reaffirms my decision to twice date San Franciscans while living in New York and my belief that the Caribou Club is the 3rd rung of hell.



6. This German park in the shape of a giant human ear, courtesy of Metropolis.


7. The Elements of Style illustrated by Maira Kalman. Flipping through it helps me drown out the noise of a rough day at the office. Or in life.


8. These building blocks that help Chinese children learn questionable English.

9. The awesomely aloof, emotionally detached Jillian from Project Runway. She’s gonna take it all, I don’t care what Project Rungay says.


10. Origami on steroids and Amy Tan at the TED conference. Pretty much all the write-ups from TED. If anyone has $6k and wants to sponsor my attendance next year, holla back.


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