New Music Monday.

So… I’m a bit slow to catch on to quote-unquote “mainstream” music sometimes. In all honesty I’m a bit slow to quote-unquote “indie” music sometimes too (damn job). I’m perfect in every other way, though, so I can live with that being my only flaw. The first time I really heard and paid attention to Kanye’s new single “Flashing Lights” was a week or so ago, and by Friday night’s inpromptu house party I was tempted to play it on repeat it had gotten to me so deeply. (Or maybe it was the beer, and the wine, and the champagne, AND the song. But I’m sure it was mostly the song.) Spike Jonze directed the short, cryptic video (with Murakami, you recall, doing the album’s cover art– gotta respect that… (or do/should you? hmm…)), and the blogosphere over has been debating its deeper meaning ever since its YouTube leak and TRL debut. See above and let me know what you think. It’s been a long day and I need to let this one marinate a little bit.

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