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I guess I should learn how to darn a sock.

Darling Boyfriend sent this charming little chart to me yesterday. Evidently, I would be approximately the worst wife ever. I send shirts missing buttons to the tailor, go to church only for the odd wedding or funeral, have chronically chilly feet and ‘dress’ for breakfast in yoga pants and flip flops, which I would doubt counts in my favor. I guess I’d earn a few points for being quick to bed, loving children and making a mean Velvetta queso for those unexpected guests… but where are the merits for hating chick flicks and loving beer?


Yeah, hi, I’ll take a medium iced coffee, a blueberry cheese danish and an insult to my intelligence. THANKS.

fat free water

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Oh my god, have I been drinking full-fat water this whole time?!!? I hope it’s at least been low-fat… I must buy all my water from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from now on. But oh shit, are they in New York or just the west coast?? Must buy cases while in LA and ship them back east so as not to get fat ass and cankles.

Gap takes a cue from Target, H&M, Brooks Brothers, etc.

ThreeAsFour for Gap?! Seriously? Haven’t been inside a Gap in years in but sign me up. And then, of course, there’s Rogan for Target for Barney’s. Will Gap be able to pull off watered-down edgy? Will Barney’s shoppers be interested in a product made for a discount mass retailer? Will be interesting to see how both these experiments in summer style play out.

Like a foot rub and a lap full of puppies.

At the end of a long weekend of unpacking and holy grail shopping I finally got to enjoy a beer (or 2… okay, 3) in a frosty glass from the big chair in the corner. Wet hair, a cozy robe, a good book (Falling Man, Don Delillo) and All Was Good.

Just hope it doesn’t rain.

A grown-up execution of arts and crafts. London-based artist Elisabeth Lecourt fashioned a collection of 60 pieces out of colorful city maps. If I were 84×60 cms I’d totally wear one.

Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.

Home sweet 5th floor walk-up.

My moment of eco-genius came when I posted our many boxes and garbage bags full of paper and bubblewrap for free on Craigslist and Freegans, effectively saving myself 10 trips down the stairs, helping a handful of other broke movers out and bettering the environment in one fell swoop. Now if I could just figure out where to put everything that was in the boxes…

A life less pixelated.

THAT is true love.