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Table envy.

Paint Or Die But Love Me table by French designer John Nouanesing. From Core77.


Egads, Giles! Hand me my binoculars!

I went on an urban safari last night, bar hopping in the meatpacking district. I wish I’d gotten a better picture of that dude’s graphic tee with silkscreened gold chains on it, it was pret-ty sweet.

We had to get our hands stamped to go to the bathroom!! I mean, it was a nice bathroom and all but….

The trouble with bicoastiality.

Just returned from a weekend in San Francisco and I gotta say, it was SO GOOD to be back in that godforsaken city. Somehow the incessant wind was refreshing, not annoying, the bland, blue-sky vibe soothing, not boring, the travel by car liberating, not confining. Is it just a case of always wanting what you can’t have? Grass is always greener syndrome? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was there for a wonderful weekend (‘end’ being the operative suffix), and that we spent it at our most romantic getaway spot 3 hours north of the city, driving up, down and around 101 in our beloved beat-up old Saab, “blissed out” at the lithium-charged nudie hot springs, and cozied up at our favorite neighborhood sushi bar, feasting on chef’s choice with the chopsticks they keep for us behind the bar. Oh, and passed out at an airport Comfort Inn, but that’s a story for another time.

Birds of a feather.

Very cool photographic study of multiple cultures and identity groups within a single diverse city (Rotterdam). From a review on the photographers’ website Exactitudes:

“By dragging the repertory of the street kicking and screaming to the studio backdrop, the series offers a purposely absurd response to the sentimentality of Jamal Shabazz (“Back in the days”) and the beloved and utterly bogus spontaneity of the photo booth. It’s a perfect fit for an age that’s made the “cool hunt” a corporate pursuit. Of course the photos are starchy and obdurately posed and ever so consciously styled, because there can be no meaningful limit to the cross-contamination between those notions of a authenticity and supreme self-awareness.”

This is not supposed to happen in real life.

One of my best friends got engaged about a month ago. This is an excerpt from the email I just got from him:

Things with [the fiance] are so good tho. I look at her ring sometimes and just can’t believe that we are engaged. I still feel like such a kid! I just want to make babies with her so badly! I have had this paternal instinct lately …. but I know we are waiting at least 3 years. You will be Aunt Kelly! NOt to be toooo cheesy but could you imagine if we had kids around the same age? that would be sick. Those little buggers would be best buds.”

I don’t know whether to cry or puke or both. Pretty boy player born with a silver spoon in his mouth dates a million beautiful but mildly-retarded thoroughbreds, finally falls head over heels for a girl who does her own nails and digs a sale (and, I should say, isn’t so awful-looking herself), proposes years earlier than originally intended and wants to have babies NOW. It’s almost farcical.

I’m truly thrilled for them nonetheless. (Hmmph.)


Soccer Mom

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I think I inadvertently got a soccer mom haircut yesterday.

That’s unfortunate.