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This is my take on the whole terrorist fist jab New Yorker cover hullabaloo: people are idiots. Not so much the the editor who ran the illustration (just grossly irresponsible), not his readers (duh, it’s satire, I like, wrote my senior thesis on that topic), but an unfortunately large number of people outside their target demographic for whom it will only serve to solidify the fantasy that Obama is a closet Muslim looking to subvert, convert and otherwise corrupt this great Christian nation (‘did you know his middle name was Hussein??’). They had to know that this was going to wind up on the 5 o’clock news and in the hands of the same people who think he’s a terrorist in the first place, and then what? What of their undecided neighbors, the skeptical, right-leaning might-be swing voters? I repeat: PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. To reinvigorate this controversy with this type of highbrow ‘the joke’s on you’ mockery was irresponsible and self-serving and New Yorker, you should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t have a subscription because I can’t understand a damn word but I’m definitely not starting one now.


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