This is not supposed to happen in real life.

One of my best friends got engaged about a month ago. This is an excerpt from the email I just got from him:

Things with [the fiance] are so good tho. I look at her ring sometimes and just can’t believe that we are engaged. I still feel like such a kid! I just want to make babies with her so badly! I have had this paternal instinct lately …. but I know we are waiting at least 3 years. You will be Aunt Kelly! NOt to be toooo cheesy but could you imagine if we had kids around the same age? that would be sick. Those little buggers would be best buds.”

I don’t know whether to cry or puke or both. Pretty boy player born with a silver spoon in his mouth dates a million beautiful but mildly-retarded thoroughbreds, finally falls head over heels for a girl who does her own nails and digs a sale (and, I should say, isn’t so awful-looking herself), proposes years earlier than originally intended and wants to have babies NOW. It’s almost farcical.

I’m truly thrilled for them nonetheless. (Hmmph.)


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