Monthly Archives: January 2009

On mice and men.


This astute little commentary on men’s modus operandi just came my way: “I do understand a bit about how they operate…at least ones as highly evolved as I am.  We continue to communicate [with women] like mice circling a cheese-filled maze looking for a doorway in.  When no one answers we eventually move on to another maze. If we find a weak floorboard, though, we keep nosing at it until it gives way and we gain entry.  In the meanwhile we share emotions and try to make them laugh.  It breaks down the natural defenses and before you know it we are munching cheese…”

– Anonymous mouse


Leaving more to the imagination.


What newfangled innovation will the Dutch come up with next? This simple little font from Netherlands-based agency Spranq uses 20% less ink which means fewer ink cartridges end up in landfills. Not as nifty as the iPhone level app but still pretty neat.

The Return of New Music Mondays.


Portland, OR band Horse Feathers’ newish release, House With No Home. A little light acoustic guitar and violin to ease us all back to the grind.

Collected resolutions.


In no particular order and attributed to no one in particular for these purposes…

– Be less judgmental

– Get out of debt (for real this time)

– Quit smoking

– Get a job

– Prove that cigarette smoking is healthy in the New England Journal of Medicine

– Get married (just kidding!)

– Get a divorce (within reason… welcome to America)

– Be better about posting things of worth to my blog

– Listen to my heart

– Stop picking on [my boyfriend] for his clothes and oversized jackets

– Quit fucking smoking

– Get a job

– Keep things I’m proud of going (maintain)

– Figure it out (!!)

– Stop taking work so personally– less anxiousness and terror

– Continue to grow

– Live fearlessly

(an aside: I have no idea what the above picture was doing on my phone. I think it might have something to do with being intoxicated and feeling sorry for myself. And maybe a little bit curious about what happens to people’s taste when they get engaged: does it disappear overnight like their ability to make out with randoms on New Year’s and go to sleep when the sun comes up…?)