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Gap takes a cue from Target, H&M, Brooks Brothers, etc.

ThreeAsFour for Gap?! Seriously? Haven’t been inside a Gap in years in but sign me up. And then, of course, there’s Rogan for Target for Barney’s. Will Gap be able to pull off watered-down edgy? Will Barney’s shoppers be interested in a product made for a discount mass retailer? Will be interesting to see how both these experiments in summer style play out.


You couldn’t TiVo past this gorgeous ad if you tried.

A little late to post this video but I was in New York last week and just having my head above water by the end of the day felt like a major accomplishment.

It’s, of course, reminiscent of that other super slow-motion ad set to heavenly music, the Sony one that broke Jose Gonzalez (who I happen to be seeing tomorrow at the Fillmore!) to an American audience. Worth another viewing.