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Garance Dore.


My new favorite blog for style inspiration/holiday phone call procrastination– a French Sartorialist, but with added gorgeous close-ups. And you get to brush up on your French!


Dear Santa.


I’ve had a crap-ass last couple months, as you probably know. All I want is to curl up in one of these unbelievably cozy cloaks/security blankets for grown-ups I’ve been seeing all over the downtown mags. Incidentally, they’re designed by someone I went to high school with so maybe she’ll, you know, throw you a discount or something.

Egads, Giles! Hand me my binoculars!

I went on an urban safari last night, bar hopping in the meatpacking district. I wish I’d gotten a better picture of that dude’s graphic tee with silkscreened gold chains on it, it was pret-ty sweet.

We had to get our hands stamped to go to the bathroom!! I mean, it was a nice bathroom and all but….

Birds of a feather.

Very cool photographic study of multiple cultures and identity groups within a single diverse city (Rotterdam). From a review on the photographers’ website Exactitudes:

“By dragging the repertory of the street kicking and screaming to the studio backdrop, the series offers a purposely absurd response to the sentimentality of Jamal Shabazz (“Back in the days”) and the beloved and utterly bogus spontaneity of the photo booth. It’s a perfect fit for an age that’s made the “cool hunt” a corporate pursuit. Of course the photos are starchy and obdurately posed and ever so consciously styled, because there can be no meaningful limit to the cross-contamination between those notions of a authenticity and supreme self-awareness.”

Gap takes a cue from Target, H&M, Brooks Brothers, etc.

ThreeAsFour for Gap?! Seriously? Haven’t been inside a Gap in years in but sign me up. And then, of course, there’s Rogan for Target for Barney’s. Will Gap be able to pull off watered-down edgy? Will Barney’s shoppers be interested in a product made for a discount mass retailer? Will be interesting to see how both these experiments in summer style play out.

A life less pixelated.

THAT is true love.

Helena Horstedt.

Swedish designer who only designs in deliciously detailed black. I like.