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Typography and politicians this time.

Logo Voting
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I heard a semi-interesting On the Media piece on presidential campaign logos while walking to work the other morning. Nothing too new here, I just love some of the language type designer Sam Berlow uses to describe the fonts used in the campaigns:

On Bush/Quayle: Quayle is the very, very thin, spindly serif typeface and the Bush is a very strong sans serif and it’s set really big.

On Bush/Cheney: It just had that incredible NASCAR feel with the slanted sans serif saying, “We’re going really fast. Hang on.”

On Hillary: It’s serif. It’s sort of highwaisted, as if the lower case, the pants had been pulled up too high. It feels sort of like a bad Talbots suit. Doesn’t quite fit right … It looks like the lower-case R has sort of been punched in the nose and the lower case has been jacked up a little bit to make it feel a little bit bigger and stronger.

On Obama: They made big, beautiful posters that would say, South Carolina loves Obama, headlines set in a very classy sans serif font called Gotham. It’s very clean. It doesn’t have any lumps or big balls at the end of the characters. It sort of ends very crisply, like a manicured set of nails – very metrosexual. [If it were a suit it would be an] Armani.

On Mike Huckabee: The six stars … sort of floating down like snowflakes … and the swash that reminds me of Coca-Cola. And then there’s this yellow element in the type. The only yellow that I could find in the past was Nixon/Lodge and Goldwater, which puts him in interesting company … And then the type itself is squished together very tightly and artificially bolded as if they had so much they had to get on the page, like family and faith and freedom, as if the other candidates don’t believe in those three things.


On McCain: The star with the yellow bars clearly says he’s a general, he’s in charge … It’s a down-the-middle-of-the-aisle serif. It has elements of a sans serif but the ends of the strokes flare out a little bit … It’s a typeface that can talk to Feingold and can talk to Bob Dole at the same time.