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More on typography and film.

Originally uploaded by your pal Matt

The Ministry of Type pointed me to an interesting post on Kit Blog about the consistent use of a certain font (Windsor, it turns out – white on black) in the opening and closing credits of Woody Allen films. I’d actually noticed this recently catching the end of Annie Hall on TV but more in a “Aw, aren’t intellectual movies from the 70s so cute?” kind of way. The credits stuck out for their throwback feel, but now I remember noticing that he did the same “outdated” (at first blush) thing with movies as recent as Match Point (2005). I hadn’t realized just how consistent and intrinsic to the Woody Allen brand this treatment was but it’s true—that white on black lettering screams Dialogue-Heavy Woody Allen Film Set in Pre-Giuliani New York!!!! It made me think of the typography used in the credits and posters for There Will Be Blood and just how well that creepy, gothic lettering works to set the scene and the mood.